Newly elected councilors will be sworn in on December 5

The newly elected Anne Arundel County Council members will be sworn in on Monday, December 5 of this year at 4 pm in the Council Chambers located in the Arundel Center at 44 Calvert Street in Annapolis. The Oath of Office will be administered by Scott Poyer, Clerk of the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court.

The newly elected Councilors who will be sworn in on December 5 are Pete Smith, District 1; Allison Pickard, District 2; Nathan Volke, District 3; Julie Hummer, District 4; Amanda Fiedler, District 5; Lisa Rodvien, District 6; and Shannon Leadbetter, District 7.

The County Council will hold its first legislative meeting on the same day, December 5, starting at 7 pm, where it will select a chair and vice chair and conduct interviews with Appeals Board candidates.

The public is welcome to attend in person. The ceremony will also be broadcast live on Arundel TV. To find a list of local cable channels or to access the broadcast, visit . More information can be found on the Council’s website at .