New Zealand pledges help to Tonga after eruption and tsunami | News

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The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern assured this Sunday that her nation will help Tonga after it suffered the combined action, this Saturday, of an eruption in the submarine volcano Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha'apai, which triggered in turn waves of great magnitude.


Tsunami causes damage on Tonga island after volcano eruption

At a press conference, the New Zealand premier stressed that her nation will start helping with a figure close to 340,000 US dollars and that her government is waiting for what Tonga requires.

In addition, the head of the New Zealand Government announced that a national maritime patrol plane is carrying out surveillance work on climatic variables and is considering deploying a warship if necessary.

Ardern asserted that if the Tongan government requires it, his country can repair the fiber optic cable used for communications, which was apparently damaged by the phenomenon.

The eruption of the volcano that is located just 65 kilometers from Tongatapu (the country's main island) caused waves several meters high, penetrations of the sea and the expulsion of ash 20 kilometers high.

There are still no official figures for damage, deaths or injuries because communications with Tonga were affected.

Nations such as Peru, Ecuador, the United States, Chile and Japan published alerts for a good part of the coast that borders the Pacific Ocean, as well as requiring their inhabitants to stay away from the coastal beaches.

However, despite the strength of the incident and the magnitude of the unleashed sea movements, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has ruled out the occurrence of phenomena of this type.

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