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French unions will mobilize on January 31 against the pension reform that the Government wants to establish, an announcement they made at the end of the day of protests this Thursday.


French go on strike against Macron's pension reform

“We are united and determined to withdraw this pension reform project. For this reason, the inter-union calls for a new day of demonstrations and an inter-professional strike on January 31”, reported the general co-delegate of the Solidaires union, Murielle Guilbert.

Likewise, the inter-union communiqué declared that "while the Government calls on the union organizations to be responsible and not to block the country, we reaffirm that it will be solely responsible for this situation because 9 out of 10 workers reject this unfair and brutal reform." .

The organizations demand the postponement of the legal age to 64 years imposed by the pension reform proposal, and demand that President Emmanuel Macron take it to a referendum.

The mobilization of the next 31 is preceded by the one called on this day, where 1.8 million people gathered.

“We allow this anger to be expressed, rather than resentment. We are not in 2003 or 2010, we are not in the same democratic state. It would be very dangerous not to listen”, valued the French Democratic Confederation of Labour.

Another of the reflections proposed by the unions indicates the need for employers to contribute financially. "That's the basis! But that, the Government forgets too easily.

“Women with children will be especially affected by the reform, since it neutralizes the quarterly maternity increase for thousands of women. This injustice is unacceptable. This device was there to repair an inequality in women's careers”, reflected the president of the French Confederation of Management - General Confederation of Executives (CFE – CGC), François Hommeril.

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