New Payments for Melania Trump’s Fashion Designer Taken From PAC Save America Showcase

Melania Trump would be receiving aid intended for Trump’s party for her beauty.

Photo: Olivier Douliery/Getty Images

A large part of PAC Save America it is used for Donald Trump’s personal expenses, including payments to his wife Melania’s fashion designer, a Washington Post reporter exposed this week.

On Tuesday, the Save America PAC released its financial disclosures for August, and following that, Washington Post reporter Isaac Stanley-Becker highlighted on Twitter a payment of $18,000 to Herve Pierre Braillard for “strategic consulting”.

Braillard has designed for Melania Trump for several years and helped design the gown she wore to the 2017 inaugural ball, she has also worked for former first ladies.

Although it is not specified more than “strategic consulting” For Braillard’s payment, this isn’t the first time the designer has received large payments from Trump’s Save America PAC.

In early 2022, the fashion designer was also paid $60,000 of the PAC earlier this year, USA Today reported.

The use of the resources of the PAC Sava America in this type of expenses has caused controversy because Trump had said that had been created to save the United States from President Joe Bidensupport Republican candidates and uncover cases of suspected voter fraud.

Additionally, as noted by USA Today, the Federal Election Commission “does not allow candidate committees, which are formed to raise money for a specific candidate, spend money on personal itemsincluding clothing,” USA Today had previously indicated.

In an interview with fashion magazine WWD, Braillard talked about the prepayment of $60,000 in an interview and indicated that the money was not related to fashion or any service provided during Trump’s time as president.

She added that while she still designs for Melania Trump, the “fashion” part of her consultancy is minimal.

At the time, the former first lady’s office issued a statement also indicating that payment was not related to fashion, but did not give details of what it was used for.

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