New massacre reported in Cúcuta, northeastern Colombia | News

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In the early hours of this Tuesday, three people were killed by hitmen inside a house located in the Brisas del Mirador settlement, in the Antonia Santos de Cúcuta neighborhood, in the department of Norte de Santander in northeastern Colombia.


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The victims, attacked with bullets, were brothers. The authorities identified them as Edinson Daniel Montañez, Mari Montañez Pacheco and, the minor, Malaudir Montañez.

Colonel Carlos García, commander of the Metropolitan Police, assured that they knew about the case because at dawn the first of them arrived shot at the Atalaya Polyclinic and managed to tell some uniformed officers that his two sisters were dead in his house. Within minutes he passed away.

"As soon as we learned of this violent action, we went to the victim's home, and there we found two murdered women," the official said.

It also indicated that the triple homicide occurred with a firearm and a knife, apparently by a criminal gang due to the collection of a bad micro-trafficking business from Edinson Daniel.

“The victim had been captured for the crime of distribution of hallucinogens. In the month of March, in the house where they lived, which was dedicated to a store, an operation had been carried out for micro-trafficking. They distributed drugs there," he said.

"In the area, there are no security cameras, it is an invasion and it is difficult to advance in the pertinent investigation," he declared.

The authorities acknowledge the increase in homicides in Cúcuta and its metropolitan area as a result of micro-trafficking, given the increase in the consumption of hallucinogenic substances in the border area.

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