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The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, witnessed this Tuesday together with his sister Kim Yo-jong and senior officials, the launch of a hypersonic missile into the waters of Japan, known as the East Sea, after two years without appearing in these acts and in response to the condemnations of the United Nations Security Council on another recently launched missile.


North Korea launches new ballistic missile launch

Local media reported this Wednesday that Kim was satisfied with the launch and confirmed that it was carried out to test the technical specifications of its new weapons system,

With this launch, initially confirmed by the South Koreans and later by Japan, Pyongyang’s message is reinforced that they will continue to improve their weapons and that the current offer of dialogue established by the United States is not among their priorities.

The day before, the United Nations Security Council issued a joint statement condemning the launch of the first missile on January 5.

According to North Korean press reports, the missile’s hypersonic glider warhead maneuvered vertically after traveling 600 kilometers and executed a sharp horizontal turn maneuver prior to impact on the target in the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan, called the East Sea by both Koreas. , 1,000 kilometers from the launch point.

The head of the North Korean Workers’ Party also participated in a meeting with leading members in the field of research and development of hypersonic weapons, which was not attended by officer Pak Jong Chon, a member of the presidium of the single formation he led in September. last the test of the system of mobile missiles fired from a train.

Local media report that the leader asked to modernize the Army and urged the defense research field to continue having good successes to strengthen the country.

The Coast Guard of Japan specified that the projectile hit at 07:29, local time (10:31 GMT), on Tuesday and that there was no damage to vessels. In turn, he called the transit ships to keep up with future information.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi assured that the missile landed outside his economic zone. Likewise, the South Korean National Security Council (NSC) expressed its regret for the event amid attempts to stabilize the political situation.

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