New explosion recorded at Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico | News


The Mexican Civil Protection system reported this Thursday about a new explosion in the Popocatépetl volcano, located between the cities of Puebla, Morelos and Mexico City, which caused the expulsion of ash and lava a short distance from the crater.


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As indicated by the alert shown by the entity on social networks, the column of smoke and lava had a height close to 600 meters and in a southeast direction.

In addition to this, the institution in charge of citizen safeguarding urged the residents to keep a minimum distance of 12 kilometers from the volcano.

Subsequent reports showed that in Popocatepetl during the last 24 hours there have been 12 exhalations and a single explosion.

Faced with these alerts, Civil Protection asserted that explosions and exhalations are expected in the next few hours which must contain ash and volcanic gases, for which they issued several warnings, among which are not to drink or use water contaminated by waste expelled by the colossus to prepare food. .

This volcano is one of the most monitored in all of Mexico due to its activity and location, since about 25 million people reside approximately 100 kilometers away from its summit.

Popocatepetl has been active for 26 years and in all that time the yellow prevention level has been activated 20 times. This fact had not occurred since 2019 when the volcano began to throw pieces of debris the size of a car at a distance of two kilometers from the summit, for which it was necessary to apply the yellow level three of danger.

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