New exhibition from the Bank of the Republic reveals the history of Colombia through its money

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Archive image The exhibitions promise to take visitors into the history of the country through a new common thread: monetary circulation -credit Mauricio Alvarado Colprensa

In the midst of celebrating its centenary, the Bank of the Republic has presented an exciting reopening of the Casa de la Moneda Museum in Bogotá. Running from July 2023, this unique exhibition takes visitors on a fascinating journey through Colombia's history and the meaning Colombians have given to money over the centuries.

The new exhibition, which offers free admission to its eight permanent rooms, is a treasure trove of knowledge that houses almost 3,000 coins and banknotes spanning Colombia's rich history.

The exhibition delves into the mysteries and anecdotes behind each coin and banknote, from curiosities such as the half peso bill (one peso bill that was cut in half), the birth of the popular word “luquitas” through the wigs that were worn on the faces of personalities who stamped the coins and even details about how slaves They were paid in cocoa or the price it cost to pay a soul to get to heaven. in times of religious splendor in the country.

The exhibition is divided into several sections, each focusing on a different historical period. From colonial times to independence and beyond, visitors can explore how money reflects the evolution of Colombian society. Attendees can even find out how much it would cost a 15th century slave in the current Colombian economy and monetary factors.

One of the highlights is the representation of how money not only serves as a medium of exchange, but also as a reflection of the identity and values ​​of a nation. As Colombia underwent political and social changes, its banknotes and coins evolved to reflect an ever-evolving identity.

The exhibition also looks to the future, highlighting the importance of the Bank of the Republic in monetary policy and how it influences the lives of Colombians. From the 1991 Constitution to the latest families of banknotes and coinsexplores how economic equality is maintained in a changing world.

The cultural commitment of the Banco de la República is not limited only to this exhibition. In 2023, 33 exhibitions will be presented in 27 cities, ranging from art and photography to educational exhibitions on archaeology, heritage, design, history, nature and peace. In addition, original works and unique archaeological pieces make these exhibitions unmissable.

The Banco de la República, through its museum and exhibitions, continues to be a beacon of knowledge and culture in Colombia, enriching the understanding of Colombian history and society through its historical and contemporary treasures. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this fascinating journey at the Casa de la Moneda Museum in Bogotá.

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