New exhibition at MODO shows the history of health

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More than 200 surgical instruments, dozens of anatomical models, thousands of medications produced from 1900 to some that are still used today, miracle products and various remedies, are part of the exhibition Healthy mind. Healthy body. In search of our health.

The Museum of the Object of the Object (MODO) exhibits more than 3 thousand pieces, dating from the beginning of the 19th century to the present day, related to medicine, herbalism, hygiene and health in the exhibition.

The pandemic made it clear that hygiene and health are issues that concern us all; However, it is rarely addressed from an institution like a museum,” says Paulina Newman, director of MODO.

He explains that with this exhibition “visitors will be able to reflect on the birth of the most relevant medicines for human history, the ancestral disciplines of using herbs, the development of surgery and the evolution of pharmaceutical laboratories that produce thousands of medicines used all the days in
the world".

Curator Antonio Soto details that, making use of the MODO collections, this exhibition seeks to “tell the stories about health, medicine, hygiene, education and technological advances that have allowed the quality of life to improve.

The exhibition also invites us to reflect on daily practices related to health, questioning our own experience, the
existing taboos and the relationship with our own well-being,” he adds.

And, when she talks about taboo topics, she refers to menstruation, menopause, incontinence and even antimicrobial resistance.

For this proposal, MODO has partnered with Essity, a leading Swedish company in hygiene and health, which for several years has been promoting a fundamental cultural change in Mexican society.

At Essity we are convinced that the first step to changing reality is to know it. To do this, objective and reliable information is required that breaks the taboos and stigmas associated with the normal and natural stages of human life,” says Palmira Camargo, vice president of CGA Essity communications.

In addition to the exhibition, a rich program of conferences and workshops will be offered, both at MODO and virtually.

The sample Healthy mind. Healthy body. In search of our health It will be open in MODO from today until next February 25.

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