New DC area laws went into effect on October 1, find out what they are here

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Starting October 1st, they arrive many new laws for the DC area . Here's what you need to know about what will go into effect and where.


The time some Marylanders will have to wait to have their criminal records expunged will be cut by about half. The Law of Redemption comes into force on Sunday meaning those with misdemeanors on their records will only have to wait five years (instead of 10) to apply for expungement, and those with felonies will only have to wait seven years instead of 15.

And those convicted of marijuana possession can request to have those cases expunged as soon as they complete their sentence.

A victim of a hate crime You can now file a civil case against the offending person or group.

A person who seeks help during a medical emergency due to drug or alcohol use will not face criminal charges if the only evidence against him or her is that he or she sought help: An update to state law. Good samaritan .

Another new drug-related policy: hospitals Now they will have to test all urine for fentanyl . If the test is positive, hospital officials must send the results, not including the name, to the Maryland Department of Health.

The changes also include some restrictions related to firearms which prevent people with concealed carry permits from carrying guns into certain public places, as well as onto private property, unless the owner has given permission.

a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction that will allow firearms in places that sell alcohol, in private buildings and near public demonstrations, but the new law will still be implemented on Sunday and people will not be able to carry weapons in museums, health care centers and schools. lands, parks, public transportation facilities, government buildings, stadiums, race tracks, amusement parks and casinos.

A Maryland law that prohibited prosecuting a person for rape or other sexual crimes against his or her legal spouse will be repealed: the “ spousal defense ” will no longer be accepted as a defense in court.

The district

Starting Sunday, DC retailers will no longer be able to refuse to accept cash . Exceptions to this include sales made online, parking lots that no longer accepted cash before 2020, and stores with a cash conversion machine that doesn't charge fees. Companies that violate this rule will face civil penalties.

People with disabilities will receive more money from the District. Those who receive payments through the DC Personal Needs Allowance They will now receive $150 a month instead of $100.

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