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Early this Saturday morning, Humahuaca, the head city of the department of the same name, in the province of Jujuy, Argentina, was the scene of police repression against protesters who were calling for the resignation of Governor Gerardo Morales and the cancellation of the local constitutional reform. .


Court orders protection of protesters in Jujuy against repression

The families report that there are between three and six wounded with bullets to the neck, chest and eyes, who were treated at the local hospital. The number of detainees could not yet be confirmed.

The use of excessive force by the local police occurred after the Deliberative Council of Humahuaca approved in the early hours of this Saturday a declaration of rejection of the reform of the Constitution of Jujuy.

While the councilors read what was approved inside the compound, the security forces made a repressive advance on the demonstrators who demanded the approval of the declaration or the resignation of the councilors.

Previously, a massive mobilization took over the municipality of Humahuaca demanding that the Deliberative Council pronounce itself against the constitutional reform.

The protesters also called for the resignation of Mayor Karina Paniagua, who supported the constitutional reform. "Up with wages, down with reform" continued to be the slogans.

The personnel of the local security force advanced firing rubber bullets at the protesters, as observed in the live broadcast carried out by the Sol Del Norte Humahuaca portal.

Next, there were riots and bullfights through the central streets of Humahuaca, according to what was reported, on the other hand, by the site Humahuaca Hoy.

From different organizations that have been expressing their opposition to the constitutional reform, they expressed their repudiation for what happened and reported several injuries and detainees, without specifying figures.

The rupture of the educational, social, university, union and indigenous organizations with Morales is total, since the governor has not wanted to back down with a controversial reform of the provincial Constitution that criminalizes the protest and affects the rights of the native peoples to possession and exploitation of their lands.

Nor has it responded to the claims of basic education teachers who demand salary increases.

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