Never again will a government show off Mexico for having slave labor

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By participating in the meeting of the Trade Union Dialogue Table, Claudia Sheinbaum invited her organizations to continue building, she said, “the Mexico with justice that we all dream of.”

The former head of government of CDMX explained that it is a country where the right to education is for everyone, including higher education, as well as the right to health.

“The Mexico that always looks at the workers, that we recognize that for Mexico to continue moving forward, the rights of the workers of our country are essential to continue working in a Mexico with justice,” he defined.

The coordinator of the defense of the transformation explained that the greatness and benefits of the country were denigrated by previous governments, "where Mexico was sold for its cheap labor to attract foreign investments."

The Morenista argued that the country should be boasted about for its natural resources, culture, its native peoples and, above all, for the greatness of its workers.

“Never again will a government show off Mexico for having slave labor,” he remarked.

Claudia Sheinbaum assured that in the current administration because workers are the center of public policies, as happened with the 2019 labor reforms that allowed the elimination of outsourcing and the increase in the minimum wage.

The former head of government received the support of the general secretary of the National Union of Social Security Workers (SNTSS) and Francisco Hernández Juárez, general secretary of the Telephone Operators Union of the Mexican Republic (STRM), who considered that this meeting was a starting point of a process of permanent dialogue to consolidate the advances in the present administration.

Leslie Baeza Soto, Senior Officer of the Revolutionary Confederation of Workers and Peasants (CROC), spoke in the same sense; and Carlos Hugo Morales, general secretary of STUNAM.

The national president of Morena, Mario Delgado, was present at the meeting and representatives of the National Union of Workers of the Collective Transportation System (SNTSTC), Fernando Espino Arévalo, participated; of the Union Association of Aviation Flight Attendants of Mexico (ASSA), David Nava; of the Single National Union of Workers of Nacional Financiera (SUNTNAFIN), Jocabeth Galindo Diego; and the general secretary of Monte de Piedad, Arturo Zayún González.

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