Netflix sued for canceling Rebel Moon board game

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Rebel moon is one of the most anticipated movies for science fiction lovers and especially for fans of film director Zack Snyder.

But now The moviewhich seeks to be a Netflix star wars, is making the news for a lawsuit that the streaming platform has received for cancel the contract to develop a ribbon board game.

It is his own CEO of Evil GeniusDavid Scott, who it states it's a statement.

"Our goal is to ensure that our team is recognized for their fantastic work and that we can release this game for millions of tabletop RPG enthusiasts to enjoy."

Similarly does not waste the opportunity to criticize the practices that it got the platform of the red N with them.

“It is disheartening to see Netflix backtrack on content that was co-displayed and that had received its prior consent. “We urge our fans to reach out to Netflix and Zack Snyder to push for the release of this game.”

Zack Snyder, film director / Twitter

They accuse that Netflix wants to steal the intellectual property of the game

According to information from the variety portal, Netflix terminated the contract with Evil genius on May 25 this year, something that took them by surprise.

Netflix alleged that confidentiality rules had been violated imposed in the contract when showing artwork at a convention dedicated to board games.

That is why andIn the lawsuit they will clarify that the arts exhibited in the event They were notified to Netflix and they had given the go-ahead.

They also claim that: "It became clear that Netflix was simply using the alleged violation and termination to hijack Evil Genius's intellectual property and prevent it from releasing the game," the lawsuit says.

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