Netanyahu forms emergency government with Gantz to confront war with Palestinian militias

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The emergency government will be made up of Netanyahu, Gantz and the current Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant. In addition, a place will be reserved for Yair Lapid, who along with Gantz are the two strongest members of the opposition. Negotiations for Lapid's inclusion have not yet been concluded.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahuannounced today the formation of an emergency government together with Beny Gantzmember of the opposition, former Minister of Defense and former Chief of the Army Staff, to confront the war with the militias Palestinians of Loop.

The agreement indicates that Gantz, together with the former Minister of Justice, Gideon Saar; another former chief of the Army General Staff, Gadi Eisenkot, and two other deputies will join the political and security cabinet of the Government for the duration of the war. The five are members of the center-right National Unity party, led by Gantz.

The "war management cabinet" will be made up of Netanyahu, Gantz and the current Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant. Eisenkot and the Minister of Strategic Affairs, Ron Dermerwill act as observers of this cabinet, the statement added.

In addition, a place in the "war management cabinet" will be reserved for Yair Lapidwho along with Gantz are the two strongest members of the opposition to Netanyahu's coalition in Parliament.

Negotiations for Lapid's inclusion have not yet been concluded and local media explain that this is due to disagreements with Netanyahu's far-right coalition partners.

Finally, the agreement establishes that, While the war lasts, bills cannot be promoted or government decisions made that are not linked to the conflict. with the militias.

Gantz was already Netanyahu's government partner in the past, but his internal disputes and Netanyahu's refusal to comply with the rotation agreement between the two brought down the coalition.

Since then, Gantz has remained on the opposing side of the current president and has refused on multiple occasions to join his government.

In the middle of the controversy caused by judicial reform Promoted by the Netanyahu government, Gantz has established himself as the political figure who garners the most popular support in almost all polls.

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