Nela González, from MasterChef Celebrity, opened her heart: she spoke about her desire to have children and the loss of her mother

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Venezuelan actress Nela González lived a heartfelt moment on MasterChef Celebrity when she remembered her mother - credit @canalrcn/Instagram

Although you can see a lot of the way of being of each of the participants of MasterChef Celebrity After each episode, there are some who try to be more reserved. With this, although they let out laughter, gestures of disgust or tears from time to time, they prefer to be hermetic with what has to do with their personal life.

One of those is the Venezuelan actress Nela Gonzalezwho since she began her journey on the reality show has been committed to what has to do with her performance, but has not said much about her emotions.

However, she recently let out several truths in what has been the most shocking episode for her, which aired on September 26.

Nela González is one of the finalists of MasterChef Celebrity Colombia - credit @nelagonzalez/Instagram
Nela González is one of the finalists of MasterChef Celebrity Colombia - credit @nelagonzalez/Instagram

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On this occasion, the interpreter spoke about one of the topics that is most difficult for her. And when each of the contestants received a motivational gift from the production team, when it was her turn, her object was a photograph of her mother, who died in 2015.

Each of her classmates had shown and explained their gift, when the artist's turn came, she could not contain herself and began to cry.

“That's me and my mom. There's not much to say, she's always with me anyway. For everything one looks for the mother, 'oh mom I have a headache, Oh mom, they broke my heart and when you no longer have her, you feel in the air, you feel lost.”he commented.

Thinking back a bit, the celebrity fired her mother after she was defeated by a cancer. She underwent treatments for her lung, where the disease began to attack her, but it had metastasized and ended up affecting other parts of her body, including her head.

On the other hand, the actress revealed herself about another matter that has been consulted a lot, which has to do with her love life. Although a few months ago, Nela had identified herself as demisexual (that is, you should not feel attracted to someone emotionally to be sexually), he clarified that he does think a lot about forming a home.

“And today I celebrate every experience, every memory, every fall and every rebirth. I celebrate what I was, what makes me what I am today, what I no longer have, what I have and what will come. I celebrate that nothing stops me, nothing stops me, nor locks me in and I will get wherever I want. I celebrate every person who came into my life, those who left and those who are still by my side. And today more than ever I celebrate you…” González wrote when she announced his orientation to the world on social media.

Precisely in an interview with Daniela Abisambra as part of the program Live without permission, the woman commented on her desire to be a mother. “I wanted to have children, but Nelita is missing the boat,” she said, talking about herself.

Actress Nela González is famous for her roles in productions such as Mi gorda bella - credit @claudiabahamon/Instagram
Actress Nela González is famous for her roles in productions such as Mi gorda bella - credit @claudiabahamon/Instagram

Likewise, the host of the video podcast asked her if she has considered the possibility of adoptto which he responded affirmatively without thinking twice.

Meanwhile, he commented that he has not had the best of luck in terms of his life as a couple, which is why he assumes that it has been difficult to take a step further in achieving his personal goals.

“It's not so much with others, but at the couple level that I end up convincing my partners that the house, the game of house and home, which for me is what a relationship is, when I realize that it is not, it did not go well”, he said.

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