Neither dawn nor surprise, the discussion of the Mining Law: Morena, PVEM and PT

Mexico.- The coordinators and vice-coordinators of Morena, PVEM and PT affirmed that, at yesterday’s Sunday meeting, the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) requested and unanimously agreed that the initiative of the Federal Executive that reforms the Mining Law, so there was no surprise or surprise.

At a press conference, the parliamentary leaders indicated that today’s session would be to discuss the initiative to reform the Mining Law, “and there was no demonstration against the parties (PAN, PRI and PRD) that left today” .

Likewise, they reiterated that the initiative that reforms the Mining Law seeks to shield lithium.

The deputy Ignacio Mier Velazco, coordinator of the Morena Parliamentary Group, reiterated that the opposition parties knew perfectly well that the initiative would be discussed and now they are leaving and do not want to do their job, because that will be the decision of the Board of Directors to review the regulation if By not voting, they discount the diet that corresponds to this session today.

“We, with conviction, told them that we were going to present it, because we need to shield the national heritage with this reform that is being made to the Mining Law,” he added.

He stressed that lithium is the white oil of the future; “We cannot conceive of the energy transition if the instruments, mechanisms and technology do not exist to guarantee its storage”.

The deputy coordinator of the PT deputies, Gerardo Fernández Noroña, stressed that the discussion of the reform of the Mining Law has all the legal support, since it is a perfectly legal and legitimate procedure. “It is a very important historical decision, because it is called to be a mainstay of economic development for the country.”

He said that the opposition has the right to present the legal resources it deems convenient; “It is their right to continue committing political suicide by opposing the interests of the nation and the people.”

For his part, the coordinator of the deputies of the PVEM, Carlos Alberto Puente Salas, asserted that yesterday in all the speeches the opposition “said that it supported the issue of lithium and today, that it is put up for discussion again and that it has than to leave the commitment to the country or to the private parties reflected on the board in the vote, they prefer to separate, flee ”.

“Why does the opposition seek to empty the plenary hall? Why this radical change from yesterday’s attitude to today’s, from yesterday’s chants of ‘it’s not going to happen’? What yesterday was seen as a majority, which in reality today we see is the minority, they know that they do not have enough votes to stop and affect the country again, ”he questioned.

He stressed that it is through lithium that Mexico will be inserted into the international agreement of this new stage that will be “electromobility and electrolife, which we are going to have in the immediate future.”

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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