Necessary, calculation of pensions and retirements based on minimum wages: Ramírez Ramos

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In order to establish that the Measurement and Updating Unit (UMA) does not apply for the payment of forecast obligations and social security benefits and that these be calculated based on the current minimum wage, Deputy Antonio de Jesus Ramirez Ramos (PVEM) proposed to reform section III of article 2 of the Law to determine the Value of the UMA.

In the initiative, referred to the Treasury and Public Credit Commission, it is highlighted that retirement and pension are social security benefits, derived from an employment relationship and based on salary, so it must be set based on salary. minimum “and not be applied at convenience, due to a misinterpretation by the social security institutes”.

He explains that, with the entry into force of the constitutional reform on the deindexation of the minimum wage in 2016, the payment of pensions was seriously affected by an incorrect interpretation by the IMSS and the ISSSTE, which used the UMA to calculate the amount. of pensions affecting millions of retirees.

It clarifies that the UMA is an economic reference that serves as a basis for calculating the payment of obligations or fines to the government, as established by the constitutional reform. "This means that it is incorrect to use it to determine the payment of benefits to workers, who see the amount of their pension reduced to the detriment of their income."

It indicates that the erroneous interpretation of the constitutional reform of 2016, with the criteria of the UMA to set the value of retirement and pensions, violates the rights of workers because their social security contributions are made based on minimum wages.

For this reason, it considers that the calculation of the pension is not consistent, if it is contributed based on the salary received, it even specifies that the contributions of companies and the government are also based on the minimum salary of each person and not on UMA.

“Hence, it is totally unfair for the workers, since there is an economic disproportionality in what is quoted in minimum wages and paid in UMA”, he stressed.

Currently, said precept states that UMA shall be understood as the Unit of Measurement and Updating that is used as a unit of account, index, base, measure or reference to determine the amount of payment of the obligations and assumptions provided for in federal laws. , of the federal entities and of Mexico City, as well as in the legal provisions that emanate from said laws, and proposes to add "with the exception of the social security forecast and benefits, which will be calculated based on the current minimum wage ”.

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