Necaxa stadium closed for violating Covid sanitary restrictions

The Necaxa was sanctioned with an economic fine and the closure of the Victoria Stadium by the government of Aguascalientes, after it was determined that they violated the restrictions established by the coronavirus pandemic.

The colossus will remain closed for a period of 15 days, and the club will have to pay almost $6,000equivalent to 120 thousand Mexican pesos.

“We have had 17 closures, of the 17 I can tell you that 10 have been grocery and convenience storesthe Victoria Stadiuma casino and the other five are nightclubs, bars and canteens,” said David Ángeles, director of regulations for the municipality.

The official called the violation a “act of rebellion” by Necaxabecause they were aware of the restrictions stipulated by the government, and still failed to comply.

The disrespect for the rules was generated after the club played with the public the match for day two of the Closing tournament against Monterrey, this when the government of Aguascalientes had prohibited the holding of massive events or shows.

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