Necaxa ends 'basement' in the semester of its Centennial

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Atlas and Necaxa they disappointed, by tying no goals in the last match of both within the Opening 2023in actions inside the Jalisco Stadium.

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In the first minutes of the match the central referee had to review a possible expulsion for the local team player Rivaldo Lozano in the VARafter a foul committed against Brayan Garnicabut the whistler determined that everything would remain a preventive card.

The first dangerous play on the part of the Rayos was with a shot from outside the area by Edgar Mendezwhich passed slightly deviated from the arc of Camilo Vargas. The red and black responded near the 3. 4', Jordy Caicedo finished in a great way inside the small area but the archer Ezequiel Unsain prevented his bow from falling.

Already in the second part, again they were lthose from home who proposed much more. Juan Zapata sought to open the scoring with a shot inside the area but again the Argentine goalkeeper deflected well.

He VAR appeared again to confirm the red card for Mateo García that left expelled at 60' for a foul on Fernando Arce. In the following minutes the match continued without dangerous plays in both areas, Near the end of the match Anderson Santamaría received the second yellow card and left the Atlas with 9.

Those of the Academy are second to last with 16 and Necaxa in the background with 14.


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