Nebraska Cleaning Company Employed 13-Year-Old Immigrant Girl; parents fear deportation

Thousands of immigrant children have arrived unaccompanied at the border to work.

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After the work Department announced that 3,800 immigrant children were exploited at work in some state in the United States and The New York Times revealed that hundreds of them perform work that puts your life at risklittle by little the cases of child exploitation have begun to emerge, such as that of a 13-year-old girl who was hired to clean a company meat-packing plant Packers Sanitation Service (PSSI).

The Washington Post announced that the minor found a job thanks to the fact that his mother got him some fake papers and altered his age so that she could be hired. While her stepfather took her every night in her car to her work.

The mother originally from Joyabaj, a small town in Guatemala, He faces jail time for obtaining false documents and the stepfather was sent to a Nebraska jail, Both revealed to the aforementioned medium that they felt terrified at the possibility of being deported to their hometown.

According to the mother, who preferred to remain anonymous, immigrated to the United States in 2016 and left her two daughters in the care of their grandparents, but after five years, she paid some coyotes so they could cross them. According to her, he always preferred her daughter to focus on her studies, but she felt bored in the summer and He asked her to find him a job so he could buy an iPhone 13 and clothes.

The Washington Post had the opportunity to speak with the minor who confirmed that he worked for three months in the meat plant taking out the garbage and cleaning sinksbut that he had to leave his job because the school found out that he had skin burns caused by contact with chemical products “I like money, I like to buy things”.

In November 2022, PSSI was denounced by the Department of Labor for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act by asking minors to clean cattle head clippers, sharp saws and other high-risk equipment with highly hazardous chemicals at at least 13 meatpacking plants.

The same outlet began that the plants that have employed minors are operated by some of the best-established meat processing companies in the United States, including JBS Foods, Tyson and Cargillwho have not been charged or fined.

Until now, the mother of the minor, as well as her stepfather, are unaware of what her fate will be, the truth is that they do not want to return to their countries.

Complaints of child labor exploitation keep the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as its representative, under scrutiny Xavier Becerrawhom they point to as the culprit for the growth of immigrant children working because they were released from government shelters early.

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