Nearshoring brings foreign investments to Mexico

Nearshoring brings foreign investments to Mexico
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After highlighting efficient and secure payment systems as fundamental to the success of the nearshoringin addition to highlighting its role in the generation of employment and the inclusion financial in various regions of the country, the CEO of AlchemyPay, Sergio Loredo Foyor addressed the topic of "Nearshoring and its Contribution to Equitable Development in Mexicoduring the NearshoringTalks 2023 event.

Loredo emphasized that the nearshoring attracts foreign investments and together with this creates a endless opportunities labor. “At AlquimiaPay we are committed to flow simplification cross-border payment and commercial transactions, thus supporting businesses and contributing to a ecosystem that promotes employment,” he stated.

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During the event, Sergio Loredo presented a comprehensive view of how financial technology, specifically innovative financial services AlchemyPay are promoting the nearshoring in Mexico. “By adopting and developing the latest technologies, we not only advance our field, but also set a standard that inspires the entire industry.”

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In a panel composed of outstanding leaders and experts, like Sergio Loredo Foyo from AlquimiaPay; moderated by Enrique Bustamante Martínez, president of the Global Institute of Communication and Public Expression; Also present were Salomón Jara Cruz, governor of Oaxaca; Pietro Piffaretti, Swiss ambassador to Mexico and Marcela Guerra Castillo, president of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies.


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