Nearly finished Kanye West owes $50 million in taxes to the IRS and fears for his children

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s ex and hip hop singer at a Lakers game in Los Angeles.

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Kanye West’s life seems to be turning ant-colored. Today he has to face more problems and this time they have to do with money again. Kim Kardashian’s ex owes tax money to the IRS and that is one of the worst controversies that any famous person can have hollywood in the U.S.

the rapper Kanye West just revealed that he US Internal Revenue Service withheld $75 million, between four of his accounts. This as a consequence of the $50 million debt that you owe in taxes. what it would represent quite a significant economic drop for Kim Kardashian’s ex.

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Kanye West revealed details of his money situation in an episode of podcast Timcast IRL. The interpreter of where He said his finance team told him: “You will have to pay a lot of taxes.” He also added that, according to his research, the authorities would have been planning to arrest him for a while for this.

After a long investigation between each of his accounts, he found that some $75 million dollars had been frozen: “It took me about six hours to find out how much,” said the hip hop exponent.

Kanye West commented that he visited different CFOs to learn a little more about the subject: “So now I have to learn how to run a business. I can learn to, you know, count, for real.” the father of Kim Kardashian’s children.

In the same order of ideas, “Ye” opened up and said, “God is breaking him by taking away all his wealth.” He assures that Of all this, what could worry is the future of his children, but at the same time he feels calm: “Mommy Kim Kardashian has money.”

All this comes to light after he himself claimed that adidas he had gotten his accounts frozen after being embroiled in a legal dispute with the company. They sued him in order to recover $275 million in marketing funds related to his Yeezy venture.

Another of the reasons why the rapper also drew attention was for keeping his position firm in the face of the upcoming applications for the United States presidency.

In addition, the presenter questioned him for the antisemitic comments he made in the past. kanye He took the opportunity to defend himself: “I thought I was more Malcolm X, but I found out that I am more MLK because since the press and finance scold me every day, I am just standing there. When I found out that they tried to put me in jail, it was as if a dog bit my arm and a tear almost came to my eyes, almost ”, he sentenced.

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