Nearly 30% of pregnant women present symptoms of depression in Northern Lima, according to a study

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Pregnant women present symptoms of depression in Lima Norte | Partners in Health Mental Health Program

A worrying figure has been revealed in the study carried out by the Health Partners Program, where about 30% of pregnant women over 18 years of age present symptoms of depression in North Lima. The research was carried out at 127 women from this sector.

That is how It is specified that 28% of the total show signs of depression. A situation that has been evidenced through loss of interest in daily activities, different feelings such as sadness and worries. Just as in some cases they had “suicidal ideation.”

A study that shows the worrying mental health situation found in pregnant women in this sector. Given this, actions were taken from this program to support women who are in this state.

It is important to identify symptoms of mental health or depression | Andean
It is important to identify symptoms of mental health or depression | Andean

Among these measures, 16 sessions were carried out virtually. (video call), which were divided into five modules to address three topics. Among them are the mother's health, relationship with the baby, as well as the relationship of both with family members or people around them.

However, they noted that some sessions could not take place due to the situation experienced by some of the people surveyed. This is due to internet coverage or not having the finances to acquire mobile data. In this way, the meeting was held by telephone.

This is how they also point out that economic problems, health problems, lack of a job, breakup, stress, absence of a father figure, family support, among other situations. Given this, it is important to pay attention to the signs that each of the people close to you shows to request help.

It is specified that the research was approved and published by the scientific journal Global Mental Health from the University of Cambridge.

More women have depression than men | Andean
More women have depression than men | Andean

According to the portal MedlinePlus, depression presents itself in various ways through feelings, precisely when one could be melancholic, sad, among other situations. Sometimes, it is evident in short periods.

It is important to identify them or ask for help. It should be noted that children can also present these symptoms and they demonstrate this in poor school performance, sleep, behavior, and others.

In this sense, the Pan American Health Organization (OPS) states that this is a disorder treatable with psychological therapies. For this reason, he emphasizes that help should be sought in the face of risk factors that could be detected over time.

“Depression is characterized by low mood, sadness, and a decreased desire to carry out activities. [...] It is a disorder that affects the different vital areas of people,” according to the psychiatrist. Glauco Valdivieso, who gave a conference at the Ministry of Health.

In addition, he states that it does not necessarily occur in adolescence, it can also occur over 40 years of age. Just as it is evident mostly in women than in men.

Anxiety levels increase due to the increase in crime in the country. (Andean)
Anxiety levels increase due to the increase in crime in the country. (Andean)

♦ Crying attacks

♦ Isolation

♦ Lack of sleep

♦ Tiredness

♦ Increase or lack of appetite

♦ Isolation

Help channels

At any time, a person close to us and even oneself can go through this situation. The State has a line to access information and guidance on the importance of mental health.

Therefore, you can call 113 for free and with 24-hour attention. Remember that through this route you will have guidance, but it will not be your diagnosis, because it is necessary to have an in-person medical visit.

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