Nearly 1,200 Bolsonaristas are detained in a camp in front of the Army

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At least 1,200 Bolsonaristas They were detained this Monday in the camp that they had set up in front of the Army headquarters in Brasilia since the October elections and from which the attacks on Sunday against the headquarters of the three powers in Brazil were launched.

The ex-president's supporters Jair Bolsonarowho do not recognize the victory of the progressive leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in the presidential elections, they were detained after, surrounded by the Police and the Army, they peacefully dismantled the camp where they were taking refuge.

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According to him Ministry of Justicethe detained Bolsonaristas were taken in around 40 buses to the headquarters of the Federal policewhere they will be identified to try to establish if they participated in the violent attacks on Sunday and filed in case evidence against them emerges in the future.

Only those who are identified as participating in the acts of vandalism and those who have any evidence against them will remain arrested.

Prisoners will join the fence 300 people who were arrested on Sunday for their responsibility in the attacks.

The eviction was peaceful and occurred after Judge Alexandre de Moraes, one of the eleven members of the Supreme Court, ordered the removal of all the camps mounted by Bolsonaristas in front of the country's military barracks and from which they defended a coup in brazil against Lula.

Moraes, responsible for several of the investigations against Bolsonaro and his followers for attacks on democracy, ordered that the occupants of the camps "be detained in flagrante for the practice of different crimes."

The camp of the radicals in Brasiliaassembled more than 70 days ago, since Lula prevailed in the second round of the presidential elections, served as the basis for the protesters who invaded the headquarters of the three powers of Brazil and it was the place to which they returned after their failed attempt to force a coup.

The number of radicals in the camp in front of the Army headquarters had been falling since the inauguration of Lulaon January 1, and on Thursday the authorities recorded some 200 peoplebut on Saturday it jumped to about 3,000 after the Bolsonaristas called the demonstration on Sunday.

Given the chaos generated by the assault on public buildings, Lula decreed the federal intervention of the security area of ​​Brasilia until the next January 31with which the regional police will be under the control of the federal government.

The assault on Congressthe Presidency and the Supreme Court was only resolved after four and a half hours of confusion, when riot agents charged and fired tear gas at the protesters who were inside and outside the buildings of the three powers.

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