Nearly 1,000 migrant children separated by Trump have yet to be reunited with their parents

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Nearly 1,000 migrant children separated at the US-Mexico border by the Trump administration have yet to be reunited with their parents despite a two-year effort by President Joe Biden

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said Thursday that of the 998 children still separated, 148 were in the process of being reunified.

Bidena Democrat, issued an executive order shortly after taking office in January 2021 that established a task force to bring together migrant children separated from their families under the Trump administration, a Republican hardline on immigration, calling such separations a "human tragedy."

The administration of donald trump separated thousands of migrant families under a blanket “zero tolerance” policy that called for prosecution of all unauthorized border crossers in the spring of 2018.

Control agencies and defenders of the government have found that the separations started before and continued after the official start of the policy.

The dhs said that the hard work of reviewing the "fragmentary" information that the Trump administration maintained on the policy has so far determined that 3,924 children, mostly Central Americans, were separated in the border.

Many were located and rounded up before Biden took office through a judicial process after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit to stop the separation policy.

"The number of new families identified continues to rise as families come forward and identify themselves,” DHS said in a fact sheet on the task force's work released Thursday. To date, the task force has brought together 600 families.

DHS also said it has connected some reunited families with services like access to mental health resources. Reuters in 2022 he published a profile of a mother Honduran woman who ended up homeless for several months in the United States after she was reunited with her daughters little ones, whom I hadn't seen in years.

The Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told reporters on Thursday that there was still work to be done to fully address the wounds inflicted by the policy. “That's what informs our efforts to expand behavioral health services as a component of reunification,” she said.

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