NBA: ‘There is no doubt, Kyrie Irving is not anti-Semitic’: Adam Silver, league commissioner

Adam Silvercommissioner of the NBA, assured that ‘Kyrie Irving it’s not anti-semiticafter both met at the league headquarters in New York, and after the controversy over a publication of an antisemitic book and film shared by the base of the Brooklyn Nets in social networks.

‘We had a direct and sincere conversation,’ Silver told New York Times. ‘He’s someone I’ve known for a decade, and I never heard an anti-Semitic word from him or hate directed at any group’, held.

Thus, Silver expressed that “there is no doubt” that Irving is not anti-semitic and I add.

Whether it is anti-Semitic or not is not relevant to the harm caused by posting hateful content.

The NBA commissioner admitted that the entire episode had caused a ‘enormous damage’ to the base, in addition to the Nets and the NBA itself. In fact, the league and his team were criticized for not sanctioning Irving sooner, a sanction imposed by the franchise that came a week after the original publication.

Subsequently, Silver was in favor of the indefinite suspension by the Brooklyn franchise to Irving.

I feel like we got the right result in terms of his suspension. Looking back, it is possible that we could have acted quickly. I accept that criticism. But I felt it was important to understand the context in which it was published in order to understand what penalty was appropriate, not in any way to excuse it.

Silver, who is Jewishhad previously said that I was disappointed that Irving had not provided a “qualified apology” for the post, before the Nets suspended him for five games. Days later, the player apologized.

Now, the Nets will decide when Irving can return to the team. The indefinite suspension of at least five games will run after the franchise’s next game against the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday.

(With information from Europe Press)