NBA: Luka Doncic, “sometimes I don’t feel like it’s me, before I had fun”

luka doncicstellar of the dallas mavericksadmitted that at this moment he is going through a low mood where he has had to look for happiness while the Cavs continue their bad streak of results.

After the loss on Friday night 117-109 cons the charlotte hornetsin interview with Tim McMahon of ESPNthe Slovenian stated:

I think you can see it with me on the court. Sometimes I don’t feel like it’s me. I’m just outside. I used to have a lot of fun, smiling on the court, but it’s been very frustrating for many reasons, not just basketball.

Doncic commented problems in his personal life but did not elaborate further on the subject.

In the midst of another highly productive campaign in 2023, luka has been subject to multiple injuries that have kept him away from the staves. He missed four games in February with a bruised heel, and five this month with a calf strain.

Despite the stellar acquisition of Kyrie Irvingthe movement does not seem to have made the expected difference- The team is only 7-12 with Irving and only 3-7 when Luka accompanies him on the floor.

After the franchise fell without putting its hands to the Hornets, Doncic has decided charge once more with the equipment with what remains of the regular season, and facing the playoffs.

We have to fight harder, play harder. That’s what it’s all about. We have to show we care and that starts with me. I have to lead this team, being better, playing better. It’s in me

(With information from The Score)