NBA: Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic are already in CDMX | Videos

NBA: Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic are already in CDMX
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The Atlanta Hawkscommanded by their star Trae Young, will debut in a regular season game in Mexico when facing the Orlando Magic from the Italian Paolo Banchero, rookie of the year last season.

Both teams arrived in Mexico City this Tuesday night for the duel this Thursday at 8:30 p.m., central Mexico time, at the CDMX Arena.

Hawks stars enjoyed national sweets prior to your flight.

In addition, they were greeted with mariachis upon arriving at their hotel.

For its part, NBA Mexico shared some images of the injury of the Orlando players.

Atlanta will visit Mexico for the first time, while Orlando will play on national soil for the fourth time, three away from tying the San Antonio Spurs already the Dallas Mavericks as those who have played matches the most times in the country.

How do teams get to the 'Mexico City Game'?

Both teams fight for one of the six direct spots to the postseason in the Eastern Conference. With four wins and three losses, the Hawks are in fourth place in the East, above the Magic, sixth with the same record, but with a worse point difference.

It will be the first meeting between both quintets in the current campaign. The Hawks are going through a better moment than their rival, having four wins and one loss in the last five games, while in the same period Orlando has two wins and three losses.

The base Trae Young, twice selected to the All-Star Game, he is the leader of his team, averaging a double double of 21.7 points and 10.4 assists per game; The assist figure is the second best in the league.

While, Paolo Banchero20, has been below the level that led him to be the Best Rookie of the Year last season, with 18.1 points per game, although he has made more triples than in 2022, going from 29.9 percent to 31.3.

The duel between the Magic and Atlanta will be the 32nd that the NBA plays in Mexico, the most for a country that does not have a team in the league.

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