Natti Natasha danced a sensual bachata at the MLB Softball All-Star Game

Natti Natasha.

Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

Tremendous stir caused the Dominican singer Natti Natasha with her sensual hip movement to the rhythm of bachata during her participation as a special guest at the MLB Softball All-Star Game.

The moment in which the interpreter of “Sin Pijama” and “Runaway” hit the first ball was broadcast on social networks and then made the audience at T-Mobile Park in Seattle dance to the rhythm of bachata, along with Yandel and Marcello Hernández. , the 'SNL' comedian.

It was precisely this last feat that caused a furor among Internet users, since she exuded sensuality as only she knows how to do it: combining her music, mischief and masterful movements.

It should be noted that in addition to Natti Natasha, the MLB Softball All-Star Game was full of Latino personalities that added spice to the event. Such was the case with his music partner, Yandel, who managed to score a home run.

Natti Natasha sets off alarm bells among her fans because of her extreme thinness

Another of the details that returned to the Dominican the topic of conversation among Internet users was her physical appearance. And it is that some say that the singer would be going through a bad moment in her private life that has made her lose weight at an "out of the ordinary" level.

"It's very pretty, just don't lower it more"; "Perhaps she is not on a diet, she is going through a difficult process and we must understand her" and "Natti is beautiful, but I do not think it is a diet, it is the suffering she is going through, that she has it like this", the users pointed out, making allusion to the legal situation of her husband and father of her daughter Vida Isabelle, Raphy Pina.

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