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Canada announces that it will open embassies in Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Armenia

Mélanie Joly, Canadian Foreign Minister, announced this Wednesday at the NATO summit in Madrid that the Canadian government is going to open four new embassies in Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Armenia. “Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, we all know, is the greatest threat to our security since World War II,” Joly said at a press conference in the Spanish capital. “We know that the war is causing food insecurity around the world, it is causing an energy crisis, problems in the supply of some goods and economic damage, that is why Canada must act strategically to defend our interests and to promote democracy against authoritarian regimes. ”, added the Canadian foreign minister.

“We need to combat Russian influence, both its soft power [un término usado en relaciones internacionales para describir la capacidad de un actor político para condicionar a otros actores a través de medios culturales e ideológicos], their disinformation campaigns or their brute force. To achieve this, we believe that diplomacy is one of the most effective means of supporting security and stability”, he said, adding: “We are going to increase our diplomatic footprint by opening four embassies in Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Armenia, and we are also going to place ambassadors in these four embassies. We are also going to strengthen our presence in Latvia, where our largest military deployment in the world is,” Joly announced.

With these measures, Canada reinforces its diplomatic presence on the eastern flank on the same day that NATO approved the Madrid Strategic Concept which, among other things, entails an increase in its military forces on the eastern flank.

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