NATO condemns North Korean arms shipment to Russia for war in Ukraine

Stoltenberg met in Seoul with South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin-in.

Photo: KIM MIN-HEE/REUTERS / copyright

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said this Sunday (01.29.2023) that North Korea's support for Russia in the war in Ukraine reinforces the need for the rest of the world to remain “interconnected” to ensure security.

“I think that in a more unpredictable and uncertain world, it is even more important for countries that believe in freedom and democracy in a rules-based international order to stick together,” Stoltenberg said during his meeting with South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin. -in, held in Seoul.

He also said that NATO "is concerned about North Korea's reckless missile tests and nuclear programs” and added that Pyongyang “is providing military support to the Russian war efforts with rockets and missiles.”

The NATO official's remarks came after a North Korean official on Sunday denied that his country had provided Russia with weapons and warned the United States of an "undesirable outcome" if it continued to spread such rumors.

During his two-day stay in Seoul, Stoltenberg will meet with South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol and other members of the country's government. “Our visit is an expression of the great importance we attach to the partnership between South Korea and NATO. and there are many areas where we truly believe that an even stronger partnership can be mutually beneficial,” Stoltenberg concluded.

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