National Guard assumes security in Acapulco; 1,700 agents are deployed after looting of businesses

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After the looting against businesses of all kinds in Acapulco, derived from the chaos left by the impact of the hurricane Otis, The National Guard deployed 1,700 elements to guard the port and other municipalities of Warrior.

Work to restore public order is supported with 20 pick-up patrols, 30 patrol cars, 15 motorcycles and a helicopterreported the Spokesperson of the federal corporation.

The national guards implemented security devices in the vicinity of shopping plazas and public markets, work they carry out along with the recovery of roads, removal of debris and mud in streets and homes, in addition to distributing food to the affected population.

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The agents carry out reconnaissance tours in towns and colonies in the municipalities of Coyuca, Atoyac, AjuchitlĂĄn, Benito JuĂĄrez, Tecpan and PetatlĂĄn.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of National Defense took control over the aid, public and private, that is sent to the port of Acapulco.

Linked to the morning conference of the National Palace, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, head of the Sedena, explained that donated supplies by governments, companies and social organizations They will be concentrated in the 35th Military Zone, in Chilpancingo, from where Army vehicles will distribute them where they are required.

He air bridge between Acapulco and Mexico City was enabled yesterday and will serve both to bring humanitarian aid and to evacuate tourists.


The Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) took control over the public and private aid that is sent to the port of Acapulco, after the devastation of the hurricane Otis which left 27 deadaccording to federal authorities, after its category 5 impact on the Costa Grande of Guerrero.

The general Luis Cresencio Sandoval reported that food and other products will only be able to enter the damaged area in Army vehicles.

He explained that for this, all the help you provide individuals, state governments, civil organizations and private initiative It will be received at a collection center installed in Chilpancingo.

In that place, installed in the 35 Military Zone, Food, medicine, water, blankets and other objects will be “reorganized” to be loaded onto military trucks.

There we will be receiving help from the general population, from state governments, from private initiatives, from other organizations that want to collaborate with that support,” he said.

The Army will be in charge of concentrating, classifying, packing and taking it to the port, in order to avoid crowding of cars in Acapulco.

We ask the population not to approach here so as not to create a traffic jam,” said Sandoval.

He explained that the circulation in the highway from Chilpancingo to Acapulco is already in operation and thanks to this, an exit program was established with buses for tourists or residents of Acapulco who want to leave the port.

Yesterday there were 150 buses that carried out this activity. As a strategy, two points were established outside the city of Acapulco that would allow us not to fill, not saturate the avenues, in the church of Costa Azul and La Venta. Today (yesterday) there will be 120 additional buses to carry out this activity,” the official explained.


On the other hand, the Secretaries of Federal Security, Rosa Icela RodrĂ­guez, and of the Interior, Luisa MarĂ­a Alcaldethey moved yesterday to Acapulco Guerreroto support the work of caring for the population affected by the impact of Otis.

The first agency reported that the agencies that make up the National Emergency Committee (CNE)among them the Secretariats of National Defense (Sedena), and the Mexican Navy (Semar), as well as the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

As instructed by President @lopezobrador_, together with the secretary of @SEGOB_mx, @LuisaAlcalde, we arrived in #Acapulco, #Guerrero, to support the work being carried out in favor of the population affected by #hurricane Otis. #JuntosPorGuerrero #JuntosPorAcapulco,” wrote the head of the SSPC, Rodríguez, on her X account.

In support work for affected by OtisState, municipal and other entities in the country also participate, with the aim of implementing contingency programs to evaluate damage and provide care to the population.

“Yesterday from Acapulco, Guerrero, the health institutions of the @GobiernoMX, in coordination with the @Semar_mx and the ERUM of the @GobCDMX, carried out the air transfer of 6 minors (5 newborns and a 3-year-old girl) to @Tu_IMSS and @ISSSTE_mx hospitals in Mexico City,” Alcalde said on his X account.

By Arturo PĂĄramo.


A force of 1,700 members of the National Guardin coordination with the three levels of government, reestablish the public order in Acapulco and in other municipalities of Guerrero affected by the impact of the hurricane Otisassured the Spokesperson of the federal corporation.

The staff has the support of 20 pick-up patrols, 30 patrol cars, 15 motorcycles and a helicopter.

The national guards establish security and surveillance devices in the vicinity of shopping plazas and public markets.

These works, explained the GN spokespersonalong with the tasks of road recovery and debris removal, contemplated in the Plan for Assistance to Society in Emergency Cases (Plan GN-A).

After the impact of Otis Early Wednesday morning, there were acts of robbery and looting in businesses.

Given this, national guards carry out reconnaissance tours in towns and neighborhoods in the municipalities of Coyuca de Benítez, Atoyac de Álvarez, Ajuchitlån del Progreso, Benito Juårez, Técpan de Galeana and Petatlån.

Food supplies are also distributed and cleaning tasks continue. and removal of mud in homes.

The corporation explained that its official vehicles are used to mobilize the inhabitants of the tourist center, on the primary roads, due to the suspension of the local public transport service.

On the access roads to Acapulco port Detours are made to vehicular circulation and traffic control to allow the work of the brigades working to restore public services.

By David Vicenteño.

allow the work of the brigades that work to restore public services.

By David Vicenteño.


He air bridge between Acapulco and CDMX will be established from the port's two airports, reported the Secretary of the Navy, Rafael Ojeda.

He explained that each airport will have a specific function. The International Airport was placed under the command of the Ministry of the Navy, while the Pie de la Cuesta Airport was placed under the control of the Ministry of National Defense.

With respect to Acapulco International Airporthe Mexican Airspace Navigation Service (Seneam) It provided the necessary equipment to allow commercial and military aircraft to navigate.

You are informed that starting today (yesterday), at six in the morning, a Semar flight left, to support all the people who arrive at the Acapulco airport, to provide them with the service of baggage inspection, everything the service that is given in an airport. They are already established there.

Likewise, a group was sent to provide security at the airport, because there was no one there,” he pointed out.

Ojeda established that the International Airport has already begun to receive airline flights Aeroméxico, Volaris and Long live Aerobusto take tourists who were stranded in the port to CDMX.

For his part, the head of the Sedena, Cresencio Sandoval, He said that the Army manages, for now, the Pie de la Cuesta Airport.

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