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Francisco Garfias.

I am one of those convinced that the only way for the opposition to fight the construction in 2024 it goes through primary elections to elect a common candidate.

That is the central proposal of the National Civic Front, an organization that prioritizes the participation of civil society and the leadership of the social, economic and political sectors of the country.

In the middle of the week, the first meeting of leaders of the aforementioned FCN was held, headed by Guadalupe Acosta Naranjo, with 13 former PAN governors, PRD legislators and a PRI senator, Mario Zamora. It was held at the Hotel Marquis in Mexico City.

Over there we saw Ernesto Ruffo, Marco Adame, Carlos Medina, Ignacio Loyola, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks; Acosta Naranjo himself, former national leader of the PRD, the PRI senator, Mario Zamora; Cecilia Soto, former presidential candidate for the PT.

At the end of the meeting we spoke with several of them. The PAN deputy, Marco Adame, was the first one we did it with. He told us:

“There were good coincidences. The moment that the country is experiencing is especially delicate, critical. An alternative needs to be built with the maximum unit possible.

But also a common candidacy legitimized by a method that has great citizen participation (open elections) and as a basis the construction of a coalition government”.

One of the main challenges of the Front, however, is that the leaders of the PAN-PRI-PRD do not cling to positions of control that prevent the expression of a broad citizen will.

Baja Californian PAN member Ernesto Ruffo, the first opposition governor in the long period of the priate, revealed to us that Marko Cortés, national head of the PAN, has already spoken out against the primaries to elect a single candidate.

Ruffo highlights that initiatives such as the National Civic Front are the product of concern about what is happening in national public life:

There is lack of respect for the Constitution, serious pressure on the INE, no attention to the National Anticorruption System, attack on autonomous bodies…”, he illustrated.

That same day, Cecilia Soto was appointed spokesperson for the FCN. The former presidential candidate did not hide her satisfaction with the position of the former blue governors at the aforementioned meeting.

Already on the run, she also told us: “we have to get rid of that idea that there are no opposition candidates. Of course, you have to measure them with the citizens and get many to support them. That they are not 3 or 4 of party democracy or the president’s finger.”

The Front does not officially exist. For now they are a promoting committee. The idea is to formalize it in the third week of May. Its goal is to ensure that all citizen organizations, including “Yes for Mexico”, are integrated into one.

Deputy Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, spokesman for the former PAN leaders, highlighted the group’s interest in the “constitutional moratorium” promoted by Ignacio Loyola.

The proposal of the former governor of Querétaro is that not a single reform of the supreme norm be approved until 2024. The former governors of the PAN, Romero Hicks told us, also share the initiative of open elections and the defense of autonomous bodies.


Tomorrow is the revocation of mandate. Around 93 million citizens are called to participate in this farce that has no other purpose than to consolidate the personal power of President López Obrador.

In order for its results to be binding, it is required that at least 40 percent of the citizens registered in the register participate in this so-called “participatory democracy” exercise.

This equates to around 37 million votes. Mission Impossible. Mexicans have much more urgent concerns than going to the polls to ratify #QueSigaAMLO.

The manifest citizen disinterest in an exercise, the result of which we all know in advance, led the highest officials – from the president of the republic on down – to repeatedly violate the advertising ban contained in the laws.

That self-confidence made the INE’s president counselor, Lorenzo Córdova, warn that the systematic intervention of officials could lead to the cancellation of the consultation. There are 172 complaints at the INE regarding the revocation of the mandate.

The morenos – even the moderates – reacted badly to Córdova’s warning. An example is Senator Ricardo Monreal, head of the icing caucus in the upper house.

He said: “Annulling the referendum to revoke the mandate, as expressed by the president of the INE, is a bad omen and inhibits citizen participation in this unprecedented exercise in the country. The electoral body must call for participation and conduct itself with restraint and impartiality.”

Monreal seems to forget that acting with restraint and impartiality does not mean turning a blind eye to repeated violations of the Law by the highest hierarchs of the 4T.


This reporter is going on vacation. Arsenal will be republished on Tuesday 19th April.


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