Natanael Cano would be in serious danger, assures Mhoni Vidente


The Mexican singer Natanael Cano is one of the most mediatic youth figures of the moment, however, the creator of the “lying corridos” is also a character used to being in the eye of the hurricane due to the multiple controversies in which he has been involved, which could put him in severe problems that could put his life at risk, as Mhoni Vidente revealed in his recent predictions.

During his weekly predictions for a Mexican newspaper, Mhoni Vidente pointed out that Nathanael He is about to launch a new corrido that could get him into a lot of trouble, in addition, he spoke of the large security body that protects the singer and pointed out that if he uses it it is because he fears for his life for what he suggested to the interpreter of “Amor lying” extreme precautions for your safety.

Nathanael brings a very dark letter, he brings the letter of death, he definitely has to take care of himself, he is about to release a song, a lying corrido that… the other day he published a video where you can see that he brings a lot of people taking care of him and it is because he is getting into a lot of trouble, but it’s because of his age, he’s about to turn 21, but where are his dad, mom and siblings who have to stop him? Mhoni Vidente pointed out about the singer who confirmed his participation in Coachella 2022 a few days ago.

Among the other predictions that Mhoni Vidente revealed, it was revealed that the problems that can put the Sonoran’s life at risk are caused by his arrogance, for which the fortune teller He recommended Natanael Cano to keep his feet firmly on the ground and focus his career on bringing good messages to youth, in addition, he also warned him to be very careful in choosing who he composes corridos for.

“This letter is going to be following him these days, but he brings so much money and so much arrogance that he is not allowing himself to be helped and that is why the consequences are greater, but he must take care of himself, be more prudent, have a family above him who is taking care should help young people, make a contest to get the corridos lying down and be careful who you sing to Nathanael, the mafia is now unleashed throughout the Republic and everywhere, someone who gets angry with you and you are not going to tell him “ Mhoni Vidente sentenced about the danger that the interpreter would be running, who does not stop showing off his ostentatious luxuries, and showing himself with an arrogant attitude at every opportunity he has.

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