Natalie Vértiz and the story behind her brief romance with Paolo Guerrero

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Natalie Vértiz confirmed that she had an affair with Paolo Guerrero | Video: This Is War / Love, Love, Love.

Now what Paolo Guerrero, 39 years old, has a solid romantic relationship with the Brazilian Ana Paula Consorte, who gave him his fourth child, again we remember the couples he had on 'Predator'. Her most high-profile romance was with the model Alondra García Miró and few remember that the forward also had a brief affair with the famous television host Natalie Vertiz.

Everything happened in the middle of 2012, when Paolo Guerrero was finishing his sports career in Europe and was about to sign for the Corinthians club in Brazil. It was there that he met the then Miss Peru, with whom he began dating, but without entering into an official relationship.

“We're just dating. Are we getting to know each other? That's how it is. We're dating, I'm not saying anything else"said Natalie Vértiz that year, in a telephone interview on the 'Amor, Amor, Amor' program on Latina TV.

A year later, in 2013Yaco Eskenazi's current wife underwent a polygraph (lie detector) in the reality show 'This is war' from America TV.

“Have you had a romantic relationship with Paolo Guerrero?” they asked her on the program, to which she responded with a resounding “YES.” On the other hand, she denied that she ended the romance because another woman appeared in the 'Predator's' life.

Natalie Vértiz was on 'outings' with Doña Peta's son in 2012.
Natalie Vértiz was on 'outings' with Doña Peta's son in 2012.

The story of Natalie Vértiz and Paolo Guerrero becomes relevant now that Doña 'Peta's son is a figure, once again, of the Peruvian Soccer Team in the matches of the Conmebol classification for the 2026 Soccer World Cup (2026 Qualifiers).

In it 2018, when the model was already married to Yaco Eskenazi and had her 4-year-old son, she was consulted about her love story with Paolo Guerrero. However, although she herself acknowledged that they dated, she admitted that they never made it official.

Vértiz was interviewed byr Gisela Valcárcel in the program 'Gisela is looking for... love' where he explained why the romance did not prosper and 'they broke up'.

“I was never with him (Paolo Guerrero). If you ask me what he means to me, he means nothing. I feel like I'm more of a Peruvian supporting him going to the World Cup more than 'ah, I went out with him and I'm angry with him for that'. I came out, I finally came out, when you go out with someone and things don't happen, that's how it was," he answered in 2018 when he was already

Natalie Vértiz and her story with Paolo Guerrero

Paolo Guerrero, for his part, never spoke about Natalie Vértiz, even though there was a photograph of both of them, which was published on the model's Facebook account.

It should be noted that the age difference between them is almost 7 years. The presenter of 'You're in All' was born on September 29, 1991, so she will be 32 years old in 2023. Meanwhile, Guerrero was born on January 1, 1984 and in 2024 she will be 40 years old.

In 2017, Rodrigo Gonzalez He mentioned that the soccer player broke up with Natalie Vértiz, according to information given to him by his producer Renzo de Madrid. “I never registered that relationship, but it doesn't even appear when we do the summaries of the couples (…) Did they end it through her manager? I don't think so, but how ugly that they outsource you in order to free you up. No wonder she was so shocked that she ended up marrying Yaco,” commented the popular 'Peluchín' on his old show “Amor, Amor, Amor.”

Natalie Vértiz had a brief romantic relationship with Paolo Guerrero. | File 'Love, Love, Love'.
Natalie Vértiz had a brief romantic relationship with Paolo Guerrero. | File 'Love, Love, Love'.

Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz got married in 2015 and in 2023 they celebrated 8 years of happy marriage. As a result of their love, their two children were born. The couple has two little ones, Liam and Leo9 and 2 years old, respectively.

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