Natalia Téllez reveals what she thought of Jacky Bracamontes before meeting her


The ‘Netas Divinas’ program has allowed the public to discover a little-seen facet of its hosts. Such was the case for one of its members, Natalia Tellezwho in a recent broadcast he confessed the prejudices he had about Jacky Bracamontes before meeting her on a personal level.

It was during one of the broadcasts of the Unicable program that the famous woman was honest about her perception of the former beauty queen due to other people’s comments.

“I had a subconscious prejudice against Jacky and because she has always been nice to me, she has always been a good being because she is and I didn’t get along badly either, but my idea of ​​her was like a very cool lady, like tight, like very conservative“, Natalia Téllez pointed out.

Also, the actress said that Bracamontes was one of the companions who most motivated her to become a mother, a situation that at first was not to his liking. However, her daily coexistence made her opinion of her change.

I liked living with her and when she left I told her ‘this program is a bastard.. because I don’t usually live with a girl like Jacky and she was very sweet, because she had a lot of patience,’” he added.

Finally, Natalia Tèllez praised Jacki Bracamontes, making it more than clear that her “roughness” was in the past. “It is very good for me to be, she is kind and I said ‘look if he’s a conservative person, your scale of values ​​and mine, superficially they are different but in the most important thing they are the same‘”, said.

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