Narcoviolence closes schools in Ecuador; they go to virtual classes

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Through a statement, the Ministry of Education of Ecuador reported that it will implement the online schooling modality according to the Educational Continuity Protocol because “criminal events” are affecting some of its communities.

It is districts 8 and 24 of Guayaquil that, due to “violent events that occurred in the vicinity of educational institutions,” will implement this measure. In the statement, the agency asked the police to carry out security inspections before educational institutions return to face-to-face classes "for the purpose of specific patrol actions, at class entry and exit times."

Likewise, it was assured that in-person classes must be restored “once the National Police expressly states that there are guarantees to” return to the classrooms, safeguarding the safety of students and educational staff.

According to the Ministry of Education, in district 8 there are six schools that implemented the measure from September 24 to 27, affecting 9,866 students. In the case of district 24, there are 10,831 students from six institutions that applied online classes from September 24 to October 2.

On the other hand, on Monday it was announced that 34 of the 128 schools that exist in the Durán community would go to online classes; Another 26 that are public will maintain in-person attendance, and the remaining 78, private, will be able to choose which modality they prefer.

The Ministry of Education pointed out that if a violent event directly affects an educational establishment, it will have online classes for five days, and if the event has an indirect effect on the school, then there will only be three days of distance education.

In the community of Monte Sinaí, where the closed schools in Guayaquil are located and are nearby, local media report that, so far in 2023, some 4,000 violent deaths have been recorded.

For its part, a few years ago, a war broke out in Durán between criminal gangs for control of the territory, since a good amount of drugs arrive there from Colombia to later be distributed to the ports.

Drug trafficking, extortion and kidnappings are fought by the Chone Killers and Latin Kings gangs, and in some sectors others such as Las Águilas. The closure of schools not only prevents students from being violated, but also prevents gangs from recruiting children and young people as hitmen.

Growing danger

Ecuador became the Latin American country with the greatest exponential growth in violent deaths.

bloody riot

In September, 118 inmates died and 80 were injured in a prison in Guayaquil. The UN urged Ecuador to implement measures against violence.

murder record

Ecuador closed the year with 4,539 murders due to crimes, which represented a record of deaths in 365 days.

prison massacre

In the Litoral Penitentiary, in Guayaquil, 31 people were dismembered and burned, and another 14 were injured in a riot.

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