Narco recruitment; cannon fodder for organized crime

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Recruited through Facebook, by relatives, by strangers or even by municipal police, hundreds of young people join the ranks of the cartels in Chihuahua to replace the two thousand individuals who, on average, are executed annually.

This is the case of Roberto Robles, who in a report published by Excelsior In 2017, we identified as “Julián” to safeguard his identity. But in May 2022, Roberto “El Motas” was executed in the North Zone of this city.

Under the headline “He is 22 years old and has already tasted the taste of money as a bus driver.” “The Teo”the text recounted Roberto's career with criminal groups: He was in charge of carrying and bringing friends, family, packages, drugs, weapons and on some occasions, a dead person sitting properly and wearing a cap and thick jacket

He was recruited by his cousin's husband, a municipal police officer from La Mesa, who had him bring cars from San Diego to sell. He
Police set up an anvil frequently inspected by ministerial and federal authorities on suspicion that they were selling stolen car parts. They ended up burning spare parts and body parts, since the cars were, in fact, stolen. It was the officer who introduced him to Filiberto Parra Ramos, The dog—brother of his compadre—, and Teodoro García Simental, The Theothe bosses who dominated the plaza after the fall of the Arellano Félix cartel for which they served.

In another case, a minor of just 14 years of age was hired in 2015 by an individual who would give him 31 thousand pesos to kill a man, whom he shot until he died, but before collecting his pay he was captured by the Tijuana Municipal Police.

This is Ulises Abraham N, 14 years old, who was known as the hitman boy and who was recruited through Facebook by an individual who offered him good pay for a single job.

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