Narco earned 57 million dollars for crossing migrants

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WASHINGTON.— So far this year, the Gulf Clan, the main drug trafficking cartel in Colombia, has earned $57 million from controlling the migratory route in the Darién Gap, the border between Colombia and Panama, reported the human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW).

According to data obtained by HRW, the Colombian Ministry of Defense estimated that the Clan charges an average of $125 for each person who crosses the Darién.

So “he could have obtained a total of $57 million between January and October 2023.”

In the last year more than half a million people have crossed the Darien Gap on their journey north, generally towards the United States,” the organization reported.

The cartel sends boats with cocaine in parallel to the boats with migrants and when the Navy approaches to intercept them, they throw the migrants into the sea to be able to advance with the drug boats, said Juan Pappier, deputy director for the Americas of HRW during a conference press in Washington.

Those migrants who do not have money to pay to cross the Darién “are asked to carry cocaine or other illicit products across the border,” the expert added.

The humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders claims to have treated 950 people, most of them women, for sexual violence.

Among the migrants who venture on this dangerous route, there are almost 20% minors.

The organization conducted 300 interviews to document the causes and responses to the humanitarian crisis in the region.

Most of the people who crossed are Venezuelans, with more than 440 thousand since January 2022, cited in a statement.

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