Napoli, with Hirving Lozano, caresses the Serie A Scudetto | Tweet

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Napoli has the 'Scudetto' within reach after winning 2-1 at Romemeeting corresponding to the Date 20 of the Italian League, held this Sunday at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium.

Victory, as they say, leader. Naples caresses glory, and with good reason. This time it was Giovanni Simeone, which does not fail every time Luciano spalletti he needs him and marks whenever he plays. But it is that everything works in the 'azzurro' club. From the goal to the forward passing through the center of the field. In Naples the atmosphere of a champion is breathed.

The clash began at the Maradona matched, living up to what the poster promised, with two teams willing to create, to generate and to dare to achieve the three points. With an unbeatable environment'partenopei' and 'giallorossi' began groping each other, measuring himself, trying not to make mistakes that could cost the game.

But Napoli, with less pressure thanks to their cushion of points, gradually gained control, little by little subduing his rival, sinking him in his own area thanks to the overflows of Lozano on the right wing, who played his best game of the season, and of Kvaratskhelia, who returned after a flu process to ownership, on the left.

And it is that if the Georgian is fixed for Spalletti on a day-to-day basis, in a big game it is even more so. does not stop demonstrating the new Neapolitan star who is a special player, and this Sunday he did the same with an assist on the first goal, a cross to the far post that osimhen, the top scorer of the championshiphe lowered his chest and settled with his knee to shoot Rui Patricio and open the bookmark.

Rome was not intimidated, that despite going below on the scoreboard also showed his good moment with good combinations and with the occasional clear chance. Pellegrini and Dybala they tried from a distance and Spinazzolla he had it just before the break, but Meret got in the way with a great save.

searched for solutions Mourinho at halftime and chose to introduce El Shaarawy in the left lane, instead of Spinazzola, to gain more offensive presence. At first the movement worked because the Rome began the second act with powerin what was his best game against one of his great rivals so far this season, with well-coordinated pressing, high steals and good ball output.

The problem for Mourinho, as usual, is at the top of the offense. Abraham works a lot and very well, but still struggles to accurately connect with Dybala and Pellegrini and, therefore, despite the constant threat he poses to central defenders due to his size and his ability to play with his back to goal, his attacks are less effective.

But this time there was no need Abraham to unlock the roman marker. It was, in fact, Mou's first change; a The Shaarawy who reached the far post to head the umpteenth lateral cross from Zalewski, put the tie to one and add his second consecutive goal so far this season.

The tie provoked the immediate reaction of Spalletti, who retired to Osimhen and Lozano -before he had removed 'Kvara'– to give entry to Raspadori and Simeone in search of renewing the final energies to achieve victory at home. And if Mou's plan with El Shaarawy worked the one of Simeone to Spalletti too.

With five minutes to go, the 'Cholito' received in the front, He turned around and shot with his left leg at rui patrick to unleash the madness at Maradona, unbalance the impressive duel against Roma and put the 'Scudetto' a stone's throw away.

The final whistle was celebrated almost like a goal. DeLaurentiis, the president, smiled in the stands. are already 13 points to the second classified. But above all it is the feeling that no one can bring down this Naples.

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