Nantes coach sends a message of support to Messi: "I would be very happy if he left PSG, we don't deserve it"

Lionel Messi will leave PSG at the end of the season.

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The Nantes coach, Antoine Kombouaré, expressed his solidarity with Lionel Messi after the latest events that occurred around the psg. He also assured that he would be glad that he left the Parisian club.

“I don't care what happens, that's PSG's problem. I am in love with the player. We shouldn't touch Messi, whatever happens. It's embarrassing how we are throwing ourselves on a person“, declared Kombouaré in the preview of his team's clash on another day of the French championship.

“If he leaves, I would be very happy, we do not deserve it“, the Ligue 1 strategist continued in clear defense of the Argentine star.

“if i had to Messi I would tell him to stay up front and never defend. When we have the ball we will give it to you. I want to see you play, have fun, shine“he added. “But that's just my opinion as a fan of the game that I am.“, he reiterated.

Antoine Kombouare, current Nantes coach (Photo: DAMIEN MEYER/AFP-Getty Images)

It should be noted that Antoine Kombouaré is an authoritative voice of French football since he was the first manager of PSG in the era of millions, before Carlo Ancelotti, was with the team for five seasons as a player and won four titles. As a coach he lifted two trophies in three years.

Lionel Messi apologized today for the latest events at PSG and assured that he is waiting for the club's decision and the measures they will take after their trip to Saudi Arabia.

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