Names, dates and places of the leaders assassinated since the signing of the peace


Henry Saavedra was the first leader assassinated in Colombia after the signing of the peace agreement between the FARC guerrillas and the Government of Juan Manuel Santos, on September 26, 2016. Saavedra died only a month later, in front of his house in Puerto Berrio, Antioquia. They killed him for organizing a soccer tournament with young people from criminal gangs. He had managed to unite around a ball groups that normally fought for control of the drug business. With his murder, the possibility of reconciliation in his territory also died. The next day, the victim was Marcelina Canacué, a well-known leader of the Versailles Community Action Board, in Neiva, Huila. Canacué was shot when she was walking holding hands with her granddaughter. Jorge Ramírez, assassinated in Pueblo Nuevo, Córdoba; Diomedes Perdomo, governor of an indigenous reservation in Planadas, Tolima; Vicente Borrego Mejía, civic leader from Rioacha, in La Guajira; Luis Carlos Tenorio, doctor in Páez, Cauca. All in less than a week. In six years, 1,294 social leaders have been assassinated in Colombia. More than one every two days.

EL PAÍS and the NGO Indepaz present readers with a map that reconstructs the places of the murders, a graph with the evolution of the number of deaths and an extensive database in which the names, dates and type of leadership of all the deceased. The three multimedia tools, which will be updated automatically every week, seek to show the dimension of a problem that is bleeding Colombia dry and seems to have no end. In the first four months of 2022 alone, more than 60 social leaders, most of them communal, indigenous and peasants, have died violently.

Map of murders of social leaders by cities and municipalities

Evolution of the total number of murders

Search engine for assassinated social leaders by name, date and place

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