Naked protest in St. Peter's Basilica for war in Ukraine

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A man managed this Thursday to jump to the main altar of the Basilica of San Pedro, in the Vatican, and strip completely naked to show some paintings on her body against the war in Ukraine.

The act, which took place late in the afternoon before the temple closed its doors, was broadcast on social networks and picked up by the local newspaper Il Messaggero, which reported that the protester was arrested and questioned immediately afterwards.

The man entered the Basilica, like the rest of the tourists, and crossed the central nave until he reached the Baldachin designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, where he crossed the security cordon and jumped up to the altar. to later undress and show on his back the message "save the children in Ukraine".

The Guards from the Vatican City Gendarmerie Corps detained the protester, they forced him to get dressed and took him to another unit for questioning.

Some tourists recorded the event and shared the images on social networks such as Twitter and on the Telegram channel "Welcome to Favelas", which spreads viral content on the Internet.

According to Il Messaggero, The man claimed to suffer from depression, feel sorry for the situation of Ukrainian children and showed signs of self-harm.

A few weeks ago, another man rammed his car at high speed to bypass the access controls to Vatican City, after agents blocked his way when he tried to convince them that he was going to meet Pope Francis.

The next day he was transferred to a psychiatric facility for immediate treatment.

“At the end of his interrogation by the (Vatican) magistrate in the presence of his lawyer, and once his condition was verified, the driver of the vehicle that illegally entered the Vatican last night was transferred to the psychiatric department of the Santo Spirito in Sassia Hospital to receive mandatory medical treatment," the Holy See said at the time.

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