Nafin and Bancomext will renew vehicle fleet with 600 million pesos

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National Financial (Nafin), the National Bank of Foreign Trade (Bancomext) and the National Association of Bus, Truck and Tractor Producers (Anpact), signed a collaboration agreement to promote the renewal of the vehicle fleet.

In a press conference and in the context of the inauguration of Expo Transporte Anpact 2023, it was mentioned that the agreement aims to promote the financing and the professionalization of motor transport.

New vehicle fleet

Miguel Elizalde, executive president of Anpact, pointed out that the professionalization of motor transportation refers to the improvement of the sector towards the environment and the security.

“We need to modernize the vehicle fleet with green incentives, financing, professionalization and also supervision of the regulatory bank”he claimed.

The businessman added that he will seek to generate a energy infrastructure for all types of vehicles; In this case, “there are six points that we promote for this solution,” said Elizalde.

Manuel Monárrez, head of the Institutional Promotion unit of Nafin-Bancomextexplained that they considered 600 million pesos between the two banks for the program. “Here is the challenge "It will be the demand that this program will generate." He added:

“We find great opportunities and challenges in this environment that the national economy is experiencing, where without a doubt the logistics and transportation sector plays a fundamental role. It contributes around 6 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)”.

Regarding professionalization, there will be training programs training and advice on issues of corporate governanceforeign trade, business opportunities, productivityfinancial projections and import processesamong others.

The organizations added that they are working on an initiative where every peso donated by the government to this program, three more pesos will be addedwhich will be allocated to scrap metal plans and favor the cargo transport companies.

Anpact opened the invitation to attend Expo Transporte, which takes place in Guadalajara.

“We will have 13 events with Nafin-Bancomext, a conference on training and technical assistance for motor transportation companies; another on financing options, and on Friday a panel on sustainable financing with national and international development banks”.


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