Nacho Beristáin attacked Canelo Álvarez again: “He can fool people, but not me”


Nacho Beristáin is one of the best Mexican coaches of all time.

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Don Ignacio Beristain He never skimped to criticize Saúl Canelo Álvarez without filters. He, who has seen many fights and is a sports great, assures that the boxer from Jalisco is not one of the best Mexican boxers of all time.

Of course, recognize that he is a great fighter and athlete because he prepares and trains well. He knows that he is disciplined and credits his trainer for keeping him in tip-top condition in every fight.

It does not matter that he has won the titles he has won and the money he is earning (…) I recognize that he is a great boxer, but he still needs a little more to be in the hearts of Mexican boxing fans

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Beristáin gave Canelo some advice

Nacho Beristáin, who is a member of the Boxing Hall of Fame, took advantage of the moment to send a recommendation to Canelo Álvarez with the intention of finally achieving those fights that are emotional and will take him to the hearts of the people, according to his criteria.

“What is missing is one or two fights of the type that Julio Cesar Chavez had and others. He fights and keeps fighting, but personally for me, as a trainer of many fighters, it doesn’t fill me. He hasn’t had a fight that has really captured people’s hearts. He fights and wins and wins millions of dollars and that’s good. I’m glad to see that he’s succeeding, but he hasn’t had that fight that we all want to see. He has not had it, ”he sentenced.

In addition, he acknowledged that he received negative calls about the fight between Canelo and Plant.

“I got three calls from people saying, and these are tough trainers, telling me, ‘I’m watching this sham fight with Canelo. Plant went down without taking a hard hit. I did not see it. I can’t give my opinion, but those people said Plant threw the fight away. That makes about five fights that leave a lot of doubt. Because they can fool you or the fans, but not me because I’ve spent a lot of time watching boxing.”

Finally, he stated that he wants the undisputed super middleweight champion to have that fight “where he looks sensational. Because he wins and he looks good, but he doesn’t go the extra mile.”

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