'Nacho' Ambriz waits for a response from the Toluca board to decide his future

the things in Toluca are not quite right and the technician Ignatius Ambriz he knows. A team that has lost some competitive identity in the last tournament that leaves them on the verge of elimination, with the match against Lion Club that could give him a push to enter the playoffs.

Although his continuity may be in doubt, Ambriz was very frank in assuming that the board of directors is the one that has the last word and that at this time he does not plan to step aside, because he is not a person who abandons his job. in complicated situations.

I'm not a guy who puts me aside, I've never liked him. I know I have one game left, then it's the board's decision. If I were on the other side, I would say 'Nacho, finish the tournament and step aside'. Life is about results and today I don't get it”, commented Ignacio Ambriz.

to avoid the fine

Ambriz acknowledged that they have to wait for what the Xolos from Tijuana do, who are two points away and, if they beat Querétaro, they would place themselves above the Toluca team, leaving them very low in the table of the MX League.

“I have to wait for the game, how it went, how they turned out, to know if they have an adverse result, or if they go up a point. In the last meeting with the council, I was responsible for the fact that the fine was not paid, today it is still in a thread, but no one can take the bad tournament away from me, ”said the Toluca strategist.

The Red Devils of Toluca will play their last card against Club León, where they aspire to get a good result that will allow them to be present in the next Liguilla.

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