Mystic is still the king of heads-up; he defeats Templar

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Mystical continues with his reign. “The King of Silver and Gold” maintained his hand-to-hand streak, after defeating Templar in the stellar fight on Spectacular Friday at the Mexico Arena.

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In a heads-up match between idols, both fighters came out wearing silver clothing and red highlights. Mystical he scored the first fall after reversing the punishment to Templar and take it to the touch on your back.

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'El Guerrero León' gradually evened out the fight until he took the second fall after hitting Místico on the back for the three required slaps.

In the decisive match, Templar continued to punish Místico to try to reduce his physical condition. The actions took place below the ring at times. Both of their flights were present. 'El Guerrero León' escaped on several occasions from the punishments or from what the coach intended, even from 'La Mísitica', but not from what came, a punishment to the right knee with leverage to the arm.

“My people at the Mexico Arena, I believe and I am sure that I have shown that I am one of the best in heads-up, thanks to all these people who supported me today. “Templar, you are very good, but you know what, prepare yourself because I am going to beat you,” he mentioned. Mystical.

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In the second round for the Universal Amazon Championship there was everything, unions and betrayals. With 'La Roca Driver', Zeuxis accounted for Lluvia to settle in the grand final, where they will face La Catalina.

Previously, Roarido and Magnus managed to defend the National Couples Championship by defeating Neón and Futuro.


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