Mystery behind the Iraqi detained at the door of the Israeli Embassy: although he is a refugee, he was preparing to leave the country

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A police officer from a specialized unit passes by the building that houses the Israeli embassy after a bomb threat in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Wednesday, October 18. (AP Photo/Víctor R. Caivano)

They are all questions without answers behind the young iraqi who was arrested last Thursday at the door of the Israeli Embassyin downtown Buenos Aires, with an allegedly false document, just when Argentina reinforced controls on Jewish targets, two weeks after the massacre perpetrated by Hamas.

As revealed to Infobae sources of the investigation, the MYSF suspect, formally accused of using an adulterated passport, was investigated on Saturday afternoon by the judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti and the prosecutor Guillermo Marijuan for four hours. Assisted by the official defender Hernán Silva and a translator via zoom, the delayed man tried in Kurdish to reject any accusation against him and sought to justify his presence in the vicinity of 700 Mayo Avenue, headquarters of that diplomatic house since a bomb exploded. in 1992 the Arroyo and Suipacha building and caused the death of at least 22 people.

The official report from the Federal Police described the situation as follows: “On the occasion of the global alert received as a result of the publicly known events due to the conflict that is developing in the Middle East; the Argentine Federal Police, as well as the Police of the City of Buenos Aires, They reinforced security at diplomatic headquarters, temples, schools and other institutions linked to the Jewish Community. Within the framework of said security reinforcement, personnel from the City Police, together with personnel from this Institution stationed in the vicinity of the Israeli Embassy, ​​detected a male person, of legal age, who was loitering in the area. The police personnel stationed at the scene proceeded to identify the suspect, who turned out to be an Iraqi national who, upon displaying his travel documentation, demonstrated certain inconsistencies. Personnel from the Interpol Department and the Anti-Terrorist Investigation Unit Department intervened to deepen the details “about the identity and documentation that he possessed.”

Comodoro Py Building (Maximiliano Luna)
Comodoro Py Building (Maximiliano Luna)

On Saturday afternoon, in an empty Comodoro Py 2002, MYSF sought to explain what it was doing there. Infobae He was able to find out that the young man claimed that he was there because he had gone to the Aerolíneas Argentinas building to buy a ticket to travel to Brazil in the following hours. But investigators do not understand why he planned to travel abroad without formally reporting to the Argentine authorities when just less than a year ago he was granted political refugee status.

It is not the first time that the Iraqi is in front of an Argentine federal court. In his story, MYSF stated that he escaped from his country with a French passport and from there he went to Turkey, Africa and arrived in Brazil. Via the Triple Border, he entered Argentina last August along with three other Iraqi citizens. There no one detected any irregularity in his papers.

However, the next day, the four wanted to leave the country. And it was there where irregularities were detected in his passport. According to the agency Telam, what was detected was a “modification in the image”. Through forensic passport matching evidence, it was proven that the image was indeed lifted, and the laminate was altered. Apparently, they would have then replaced the laminate with a new one.

The truth is that a case was then opened before the federal judge of Lomas de Zamora Federico Villena. The Iraqi asks to be given political refugee status, something that was granted by the National Commission for Refugees (CONARE). They give him an Argentine document and close the case against him, where it is dismissed.

A detail: His “friends” leave, but MYSF remains here, without a job and supposedly without contacts. He lived in different hotels. According to her, she was able to know Infobae, For the prosecution it is “inexplicable that the Argentine State has considered him a refugee when he was being prosecuted for having a false passport.”

And that is why investigators want to clarify why he stayed in Argentina and why, in any case, he wanted to go to Brazil in the hours before he was detained at the door of the Embassy.

In his possession, at the time of being arrested in front of witnesses, the Federal Police found him 450 thousand Argentine pesos and an iPhone 12. Investigators hope to know if that phone may contain the answers to the questions raised by his presence around the embassy. But the accused is asking to be released. His defense demanded his release. The decision is in the hands of Judge Capuchetti, following Marijuan's ruling.

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