Mysterious identity of Japan's mummified mermaid revealed

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During centuriesmermaids, those half-woman, half-fish creatures that live in the depths of the ocean, have fascinated humanity for centuries. without any evidence of its existence so far.

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However, in sailors' stories, even in fairy tales, mermaids have been part of the collective imagination, and now a new discovery has been made about these mythical beings.

It was the 1840s when PT Barnum, inventor of the circus, purchased a disturbing specimen that appeared to be a creature never seen before and was named “the mummified mermaid of Fiji”, which It was mummified and had very strange characteristics.

To reveal the mystery, Barnum looked for a specialist who could verify the origin of the strange body, however, at that time The necessary advances were not available to discover what was hidden in that being that seemed to be a monkey, a fish or a reptile.

The creature traveled around the world from Japan to be exhibited as a phenomenon, until it arrived in the United States where it was sheltered, however, There are those who claim that the mermaid is not the same specimen that was extracted 200 years ago from Japanese waters.

They reveal their identity

Nowadays, almost two centuries after the mermaid came to light, new studies have finally managed to reveal the identity and Through X-rays it was discovered that this mythical Japanese being was actually a mix between a salmon, a monkey and an iguana.

“This allowed us to view the mummy in almost every dimension in hopes of seeing what was inside,” said research leader Joseph Cress, a radiographer at Northern Kentucky University.

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However, there are still tests to be carried out, for Researchers hope to collect DNA samples and send them to different zoos around the world so that they can make an appropriate genetic classification of its parts.

In addition to the fact that the study has revealed the truth behind an ancient enigma, it also highlights the ability of scientific advances to solve mysteries that have endured throughout history.

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