My Code buys Impremedia, a company that publishes La Opinion


My Codethe largest multicultural digital media platform in the United States, which enables publications, communicators, brands and agencies to connect with multidimensional and diverse audiences, announced today the acquisition of a majority ownership of Impremediaa leading Hispanic news and information company that publishes, among other titles, The opinion.

With this purchase, My Code Becomes the Headline of America’s Most Read and Respected Newspapers and Digital Media. In addition to La Opinion, the #1 newspaper in Spanish in the country; El Diario de Nueva York, the oldest daily newspaper in Spanish in the United States; The Race in Chicago; and La Opinion de la Bahía in San Francisco, along with an extensive portfolio of media and lifestyle brands reaching 35 million users each month.

Ivan Adame, CEO of Impremedia, will continue to lead Impremedia’s media brands. All Impremedia employees have been asked to remain with the company to help drive the next exciting stage of growth in civic journalism, local and national services, and digital expansion.

“We are in awe of what Iván Adaime and the generations of dedicated staff have built. We are honored and excited to be custodians of these brands as we work together to increase their reach and deepen their impact on current and future generations.” Parker-Morse, CEO and founder of My Code. “With a growing influence and impact on the US Hispanic population, solutions for connecting with and serving the community have never been more in demand. Combining Impremedia’s iconic media properties—as well as its thriving digital brands and significant daily role in the lives of the Latino community—along with My Code’s platform, resources, and huge audiences will give wings to the to connect, inform, support and engage in this vital space. By operating in close partnership with Impremedia’s world-class leadership team, we will build a next chapter that is strong, vital and even more sustainable for Hispanic media and the Hispanic market.”

“The scale at which My Code has been able to connect with Hispanic audiences across segments is an impressive achievement in today’s media landscape, especially as the industry continues to adapt to the dynamically changing information landscape,” said Iván Adaime, executive director of Impremedia. “The conjunction of Impremedia and My Code strengthens our relationship with the Hispanic community and amplifies our impact in the community. Our decision to team up with My Code will allow us to add even more value to our audiences and unlock more opportunities to engage with them in the digital realm.”

Impremedia will build on My Code’s legacy as a U.S. Hispanic advertising and media company and further solidify its leadership position in this space by managing the second largest Hispanic digital portfolio and the only Spanish-language daily print portfolio in the country. It also reaffirms the company’s status as the digital multicultural platform with the widest reach in the United States, according to Google DV360 metrics.

With the addition of the oldest portfolio of Spanish-language print media in the United States and Impremedia’s portfolio of lifestyle websites in the fields of food, cars, finance, beauty and entertainment, My Code becomes thus in one of the largest publishing houses of Hispanic content through various formats. This combination also establishes the company as a “first party” data source for increasingly influential Hispanic consumers. This offers brands and advertisers unparalleled potential to reach and activate them. My Code will integrate Impremedia’s properties and addressable data through its proprietary Intelligence Center, individualized creative executions, integrated marketing and media solutions to align brands with the highest quality content and most engaged audiences, to thus achieving optimal reach and impact.

Annie Loyal, VP of My Code Studio, said, “In today’s media landscape, consumers want content that speaks directly to them and reflects their cultural values, which can be a difficult task to achieve.” “The addition of Impremedia’s brands to the My Code portfolio helps strengthen the ‘virtuous flywheel’ between data and content, allowing us to develop more meaningful content and experiences for the audience. Hispanic community in the United States. With all the data on Hispanic consumers that Impremedia provides, we will really be able to create truly interactive content for brands that speaks directly to consumers and with deeper authenticity.”

Joining Impremedia furthers My Code’s original mission to reach and influence Hispanic audiences. Originally known as H Code in 2015, the company took on a new identity in early 2022 after adding two new entities: A Code and B Code. These focus on the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and the Black community. Thus, My Code establishes itself as a leader in multicultural media and marketing. The company also recently introduced W Code to deliver authentic marketing to multicultural female audiences. Plan to add more solutions for additional demographic segments in the coming months. My Code has been ranked on the Inc. 5000 listing for the last two years as a result of consistent and exponential growth. He also has deep experience working with leading global brands such as Google, L’Oréal, Disney, Netflix, NBCUniversal, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Target, The Home Depot, McDonald’s, Nike, General Mills, General Motors, Starbucks, WNBA and more.

Alexander Jutkowitz, CEO of My Code, commented, “I am confident that My Code will take Impremedia’s rich legacy to new heights and become a dominant force in the Hispanic media landscape. This move is the natural progression of the company’s exponential growth in recent years. It is sure to bring even more value to Hispanic communities, Hispanic consumers and major global brands.”

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About MyCode

My Code is a digital media company that enables brands, agencies, publishers and communicators to decode and connect with multifaceted and diverse audiences. My Code followed the expansion of H Code, a two-time Inc. 5000 company that was founded in 2015. Its expansion represented the addition of more demographics beyond Hispanic consumers. With a diverse team of advertisers, marketers, researchers and communicators specializing in a growing selection of cultural and affinity codes, My Code helps companies of all sizes reach millions of Hispanic, Black and White consumers with unparalleled authenticity. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. My Code combines its Intelligence Center, personalized first-party data and individualized creative production to deliver unparalleled multimedia content that effectively reaches diverse audiences across the digital landscape. Evolving from its Hispanic-centric origins, My Code is now a strong, minority-dominated organization dedicated to the economic empowerment of the diverse communities and audiences it represents. Its Guided Media Marketplace allows advertisers to easily invest in publishing houses that are owned and operated by minority publishers, creators and producers. Today My Code’s employee base is from a 85% multicultural, 70% Hispanic/Latino and 50% female background in its US and Latin American offices.

About Impremedia

Impremedia is the leading news and lifestyle company serving the Spanish-speaking Latino community in the United States. It has a digital and print portfolio of credible and influential brands that reach an interactive, multi-generational Hispanic audience. La Opinion, founded in 1926 in Los Angeles, is the #1 Spanish-language daily newspaper in the nation; while El Diario, founded in 1913 in New York, is the oldest Spanish-language newspaper in the United States. It also publishes La Raza, in Chicago; and The View of the Bay in San Francisco.

The Impremedia family of digital media includes the lifestyle brands Solo Dinero (for personal finance), Siempre Auto (cars), Comedera (recipes), Estar Mejor (wellness), Bien Bonita (beauty), No Muy Caro (discounts and promotions) and La Vibra (entertainment) and attracts more than 35 million monthly users worldwide. These brands have about two million followers on social networks.

These publications are among the most widely read, reputable and prestigious in the Spanish-speaking media in the United States. They are supported by a history of more than one hundred years informing and supporting the Hispanic community in the country. In addition to being recognized on several occasions by the National Association of Hispanic Publications for their journalistic work, they have recently received grants from the Facebook Journalism Project, the Google News Initiative and the McCormick Foundation.

Impremedia is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Publications and the Local Media Consortium.

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